Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Why Is The NDP Buckling On The Bloc?

It's sad to listen to Nycole Turmel's mea culpa's in the news as she pleads over and over that she is now and has always been a federalist. Almost half the province of Quebec are sovereignist for God's sake. It's a legitimate political stance and supporting the Bloc - a legal, mainstream party in Quebec - is entirely reasonable and nothing to apologize for. The Tories - whose roots include "Western alienation" stupidity (amongst them Stephen Harper) - have had no bones about recruiting right wing Quebec sovereignists in the past and the present. They supported the ADQ, which was a sovereignist break from the Quebec Liberals - with many of their members campaigning for that party. This whole phoney concern is such paper thin hypocrisy that it's hard to believe that it's taken seriously by anyone.

This stuff is such a pathetic joke that the NDP ought to have the guts and the brains to simply stand up to it and reveal it for what it is - bigotry and anti-democratic bullying. The danger here is that the NDP will destroy its credibility in Quebec by pulling an Apostle Peter and denying Turmel's past over and over again, alienating Quebecois workers, who flocked to the NDP in droves in the last election. And she will alienate English Canadian workers whose bullshit detectors will be blaring full blast because, having been a member of the Bloc for five years wasn't an accident. The Bloc is a significant part of the Quebec landscape and denying its legitimacy won't make the issue of Quebec's right to self-determination disappear any more than it will make the sovereignist movement disappear. Toughen up, for God's sake.

NDP’s Turmel vows to sever all sovereigntist ties - The Globe and Mail
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