Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ezra Levant Is The Right's Gift To The Left

Thanks, Ezra, for making right wing politics
even more unappealing!
Saw some coverage from the blogs Buckdog and Let Freedom Rain of the vile spectacle of a certain Ezra Levant on a Fox North show with Michael Coren. As you can see from the screen capture that I took from Buckdog, Levant was mocking people mourning the death of Jack Layton by wearing an orange wig and drinking a can of Orange Crush.

Levant probably believes that he's destroying the morale of the left by mocking a dead man who is held in high esteem but the reality is that, outside of far-right, deeply damaged people like Levant himself, most people across the political spectrum will just find him nauseating. In fact, guys like Levant - and Rob Ford - are actually a gift to the Left for the simple reason that they offend people who are in the middle of the road and make them more sympathetic to the Left.

I'm sure that Levant likes to think of himself as some sort of attack dog for the right. But the truth is, his incompetency and string of failed escapades reveals him for what he actually is, a fairly pathetic, unlikeable clown. When he isn't setting up magazines, like the Western Standard, that go bankrupt because nobody wants to read their tinfoil hat analysis, he's defending himself from multiple lawsuits. Levant can't open his mouth - or put pen to paper - without committing libel or defaming people - even other conservatives. This is the guy who got himself shit-canned from his position as Stockwell Day's communications director for releasing to the media a threatening letter he wrote to Conservative MP Chuck Strahl. You gotta be pretty fucking useless to get yourself fired by Day - after all, this is the guy who thought driving up to a press conference on a jet ski would make great optics.

So, keep on trucking Ezra! You're a great target and with any luck the Conservatives will be stupid enough to hire you again (unlikely). That alone would cause their national support to drop by a few percentage points. And if you ever get into some sort of position of responsibility - unlikely given your lack of business acumen (funny for a right winger) - you'll make it easy to mobilize people in opposition to you. Meantime, feel free to keep right on following the equally odious Glenn Beck - who compared the murdered teenagers in Norway to Hitler Youth and was turfed from Fox after his ratings tanked. 


skinny dipper said...

Wasn't he the guy who refused to give up his nomination in Calgary West to the new leader of the Canadian Alliance, Stephen Harper?

Shawn Whitney said...

Yeah, he spent $150K to buy...I mean win the nomination and then the Tories pushed him aside. My guess is that he has long since destroyed any future in politics for himself. 

ThinkingManNeil said...

This latest and very tasteless stunt of Lavant's is merely the full measure of a very small minded man

MoS said...

Were I a Conservative (praise Allah for sparing me that fate) I would seriously wonder whether Levant wasn't a plant sent to radicalize and, hence, marginalize the right.

Margaret said...

"Never laugh when a hearse goes by, for you may be the next to die.   Cemetery culture site
That song has been around since at least the 50s, and more than likely a lot, lot longer. The Romans advised against treating the "recently dead" with disrespect. 

We'll just watch to see what happens to these two. 

facebook-714911506 said...

When I first saw this guy I wondered whether he was any relation to the late great pianist Oscar. Not a chance.

Bob said...

The best thing any of us can do is to ignore the antics of right wing fanatics like Levant and dare I mention the name, O'Rielly by boycotting the Fox North network altogether. Personally I'm ashamed that such a base, slanted and close-minded product comes from Canada. Boycott Fox North!

Michael said...

I understand the point you're trying to make but i'd be weary of people like ezra. In the 90's i remember that a lot of my friends on the left dismissed guys like Limbaugh and O'reilley as being so right wing they were scaring people away. Problem was there was no organized leftwing response to make clear that their kind of vile rantings wouldn't be tolerated. They were never challenged and forced to very publicly roll back their remarks and as a result they became acceptable parts of the mainstream and helped move the national conversation even further to the right. They opened up the space for freaks like Beck to the point where these days O'reilley is presented as a responsible right winger.

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