Friday, April 29, 2011

Is Layton Turning Everyone Else Into Toast?

Layton’s gains in Ontario and B.C. narrow Harper’s lead to five points - The Globe and Mail
I can hardly believe my eyes, watching the NDPs climb nationally. If his surge continues he could easily end up as Prime Minister. But, even if he doesn't, the NDP has changed the political landscape already in three big ways:
1) By focusing attention on the opposition to Harper, the NDP has reminded those of us depressed by five years of sneaky and not-so-sneaky right wing governance that two-thirds of the population is opposed to Harper's agenda.
2) The NDP may well have put a stake in the heart of the long-suffering "Natural Governing Party" of the Liberals and exposed the ugly truth that the conditions that gave rise to the Liberals as an unstoppable Tammany Hall-esque force have passed their best buy date.
3) Let's be honest - the NDP has historically been shit on Quebec's right to self-determination because of their fetishism of the federal state as the agent for progressive social change. The Quebecoises rightly see the federal state as the agent of their forced incorporation in Canada. Nonetheless, the NDP may have just managed to connect with a longing for a working class-based party that can be a step towards creating a pan-Canadian unity that is founded upon working class solidarity. The infusion of Quebec's militant working class traditions into the English Canadian workers' movement can only be a good thing.
4) This is just a bonus one - the NDP is going to make the bourgeoisie lose their minds, at least for a little while. They are completely unprepared to accept the idea that working class people should have a real say in the running of the country. That can't help but give confidence to our side in the battle against austerity and neo-liberalism. And it can't help but make everyone who's sick of tax cuts for the rich and service (and wage) cuts for the rest of us happy as hell.
For those reasons alone I say: "Go Jack Go!"
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