Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Evils Of Massage Therapy or How To Keep A Non-Story Alive

Layton confident voters will dismiss massage parlour 'smear campaign' - The Globe and Mail

What the hell? This massage story is the most stupid, pathetic smear that I've ever seen in my life. Guy goes to a massage clinic to get a massage and is told by the police that there may be dirty things happening there (were any charges ever laid against ANYONE?). Nobody ever suggested that Layton did anything wrong, no charges were laid, there was no follow-up interview. And I say this as someone who - along with my wife - goes to a storefront massage "parlour" around the corner from my house.
It's a complete non-story. The only story here is who (cough, cough) illegally and unethically leaked this story. The media, had they any scruples or sense would be raising the hue and cry about the scandal of such a last minute attempt to undermine a candidate. But no, it's all about Jack making a denial after Olivia made a denial. It's all very leading, as in the famous question: "so, when did you stop beating your wife?" Of course, one hopes that the absolute filthiness of the tactic will blow up in the faces of those who "leaked" this absurdity. And I'll make no bones that I think it was the Tories, who got their fingers burned trying to do the same kind of thing to Ignatieff a few days earlier with a fabricated leak. That the SUN media chose to "expose" one smear, where the price was low since Ignatieff was already sunk, and to publish the one related to Layton, whose momentum seemed unstoppable coming into the weekend, is also hardly coincidental.
This whole pathetic non-story stinks to high heaven. Too bad the mainstream media doesn't have a functional nose to be found.
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