Friday, July 20, 2012

Mayor Ford Is Mad. Mean Mad. And, Oh Yeah, A Racist.

I'm mad, really mad!

Mayor Ford wants to clarify his comments from the other day, following the tragic shooting in Scarborough. Here's what he said at the time:
Asked how he planned to force gangsters out of Toronto, Mr. Ford said: “I don’t know and that’s what I’m going to sit down with the prime minister and find out: how our immigration laws work. Obviously I have an idea. But whatever I can do to get them out of the city I’m going to, regardless of whether they have family or friends, I don’t want these people, if they’re convicted of a gun crime, to have anything to do with the City of Toronto.”
But, we got it all wrong see. He's not anti-immigrant. He's just mad. Darn mad. Mean mad. Muley mean mad, in fact. And he's not gonna take it any more. In fact, he's so made that when he tried to explain what he really meant, he didn't make a damn bit of sense.
Maybe I’m not an expert on, you know, the ministries, but I’m saying that if it’s foreign affairs or immigration and citizenship, I want to talk to the PMO to find out if we can – and maybe we can’t. But I’m just trying to clarify that if you’re caught with a gun and convicted of a gun crime, I do not want you living in this city any more. To find out that information you have to go through the PMO, and that’s what I’m doing. So, I’m not an expert in this but I’m trying to resolve the issue that’s at hand.
I'm open to all translations of this backpeddling, mealy-mouthed gobbledygook. However, what it sounds like to me is the following: "What I really think is that immigrants are responsible for gun crime but I can't say it so I'm going to try and say it without saying so that my supporters know that I agree with them that it's the immigrants but people who aren't my supporters - like those jerks at the Toronto Star - can't say that I'm saying what I'm really saying, which is that it's the immigrants."

What he ought to mention is that he voted against multiple gang prevention initiatives. He'd rather stir up racism and fill up the jails with alienated, poverty-stricken youth than deal with the real source of the problem. As city councillor Adam Vaughn notes, that just won't do:
“If all we’re going to talk about is more jails, and building more jails, and not better housing, and building better housing,” Vaughan said. “The cutting has got to stop, because the cutting is contributing to the problem.”
Ford can spin his racism any way he likes and he can try the "I'm just too stupid to really understand the meaning of what I'm saying" escape route. But he stands exposed - again - for what he is: a small-minded bigot.

Toronto Mayor Ford clarifies his comments on gun criminals and immigration - The Globe and Mail:

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