Friday, February 10, 2012

Like You Needed To Be Told The Ford Bros Were Full Of S**T

Here was Mayor Rob Ford's equally odious brother, Doug Ford at the transit debate on Wednesday: "The St. Clair streetcar is a total disaster."

Ahem..oh, really?

Much maligned St. Clair line not so bad after all - The Globe and Mail: "Since the June, 2010, completion of the right-of-way from Yonge Street to Gunns Loop, overall traffic and peak-period volumes have fallen sharply; transit ridership has jumped 13 per cent, while service frequency has improved; and collisions and personal injuries have plummeted by a third, according to city and TTC data compiled by The Globe and Mail. The St. Clair line now ranks eighth for productivity (boardings per hour) among the TTC’s 150 surface routes (the top spot belongs to the Spadina LRT), according to Mitch Stambler, the TTC’s manager of service planning."

Jeez, we thought Mel Lastman was embarrassing.

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