Friday, December 2, 2011

Why Peter MacKay Is So "Highly Regarded"

I didn't hear Harper's weasel words defense of our frequent flying Defence Minister, the Honourable Peter MacKay, so I can't for certain. But I can only assume that Harper took a pause for breath between his description of MacKay's reason for using all those VIP flights, including on search and rescue helicopters, and his statement "that's why [MacKay] is so highly regarded." I only say that because when I want to tell a lie without exactly telling a lie that's what I do. If my boss says to me, "why didn't you get your work in on time?" I might reply, "Sorry. I broke my finger playing balloon volleyball and had to get a splint." Now, technically, I'm not lying. I was sorry. And I did break my finger playing balloon volleyball and had to get a splint. When I was ten years old.

Same thing here. MacKay does attend the repatriation of remains - though it is a lie that half of his flights were for repatriations. And MacKay is highly regarded. But they are unrelated. If you want to know why MacKay is highly regarded, you might get a sense from taking a look at who invites him to his exclusive, luxury cottage.
It’s the latest piece of bad news for the party’s Atlantic Canadian star, who has been criticized in recent days for enlisting a search-and-rescue helicopter to ferry him from a Newfoundland fishing camp vacation in 2010. The camp is partly owned by a family friend whom the Conservatives appointed as chair of a federal Crown corporation.
In other words, he is highly regarded for giving expensive appointments to his pals. Of course, the Tories protest, there is no conflict of interest here since MacKay didn't get a gift from the recipient of a cushy appointment to the top of a corporation. Except for a free fishing vacation. Isn't that a gift? Lord knows I wish someone would not give me a gift like this. I could use a little fishing. Did the non-gift include some single malt whiskey? A cigar or two perhaps? I'll take those non-gifts too.

The real point here is that these guys are a bunch of crooked liars. They will treat the government as their own personal property, whose perks they will dole out with aplomb to their fishing camp owning family friends. All the while they will assert that we ought to make do with less, slash social services, etc. etc.  And when they are caught using our tax dollars to hire search and rescue helicopters like you might call a taxi to come home from the bar, they will deny it. And we trust these people with government.

Harper invokes fallen soldiers in defending MacKay’s VIP flights - The Globe and Mail:

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