Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Video: "The Collapse Is Coming... Goldman Sachs Rules The World"

I have to say that it's not often that people at the heart of the stock market casino come out and tell the truth about the operation of the system, so kudos to this trader, though it is a remarkably cynical worldview. If he's right that the institutions who run the world - Goldman Sachs and the other big banks, hedge funds, etc - don't give a damn that the crisis that they've generated is going to destroy "the savings of millions of people" I would suggest that we need to vote out these institutions. Oh, that's right - they're not subject to democratic control...


1 comment :

Anonymous said...

This turned out to be a hoax. Louis proyect has a link to the article that bedunks it. Apparently this guy's part of a group called "Yes Men." who've managed to fool the BBC before.

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