Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Layton's Meeting With Harper: Prepare For Something Stupid

I have to admit that I like Jack Layton personally. And Olivia Chow, fellow NDP MP and his life partner has done some wonderful and important work on behalf of the anti-war movement in general and the War Resisters Support Campaign in particular.
But the NDP's parliamentary jockeying and nonsense about "making Parliament work" makes me nervous. Particularly when I read this:
"Rick Boychuk, Mr. Layton's communication's director, said his boss was to meet with Stephen Harper to talk about the NDP's “legislative agenda” with the goal of making Parliament work."
I'm holding my breath in preparation that he'll agree some hare-brained deal with the Tory scum that lets them stay in power through the fall, while extracting some pitiful crumbs in return.
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