Friday, August 3, 2007

Soy Is Making Us All Gay! Yippee!

How exciting. It seems this little bean is making us all gay. I suspect we'll discover that soy beans are behind socialism and the theory of evolution next. Gee, it seemed like such an innocuous little bean, jiggling so cutely as a block of tofu.
It would be easy to dismiss the idiot brigades of the right wing - always on the hunt for the source of deviancy. After all, stamping out deviancy is the first step down the road to preserving individual freedom. Right?
Well, the only thing is, it's true. No, not about soy making us gay - and who the hell cares about that anyway? If that were the case I'd say it's time to get rid of fluoride in the water supply and start pumping in some plant estrogens. If anyone wants to pursue this idea, just lemme know and I'll draw up a list of cities and even buildings that we can target.
What I'm talking about is the fact that soy production - industrial soy production - is exploding, particularly in Latin America. Nothing like capitalism to take a good thing and turn it into an overproduced Frankenstein's monster.
In Brazil and Argentina they're tearing down rain-forests (what'd we need those trees for anyway?) and driving farmers off of the land so that the big agriculture corporations (Monsanto anyone?) can stack up the profits. A lot of this soy production is for bio-fuels.
Never mind the obvious stupidity of replacing carbon-producing fossil fuels with carbon-producing biofuels (this is the answer to climate change?). Producing crops to power next year's SUVs, displaces food production, which drives up the price of food in those countries where people can least afford food inflation - the Global South.
I won't even get into the possibility that the Genetically Modified Soy that is being produced has possible side-effects on birth weight of newborns, etc.
I will only note the fact that Al Gore - Mr. Environment - was paid $170,000 to speak for 40 minutes at the First Biofuels Congress of the Americas, which was co-sponsored by the government of Santiago del Estero in Argentina. This government has been ordering the arrest of farmers who resist having their land taken from them. Way to go Al!
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