Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Who needs a blog?

Not a fucking soul. No one. The world is filled with blogs. Smart blogs, dumb blogs, political blogs, cultural blogs, blogs by assholes, blogs by really, really, nice people (the kind that make you want to throw rocks through their windows). WE DON'T NEED ANOTHER BLOG.
So, why am I writing one then?
I dunno. I guess coz I'm a writer and I think I've got something to say. And maybe to just ever so slightly to shift the blogosphere a teensy, weensy little bit further to the Left.
I admit I'm not a blog expert. I don't surf the net looking for them. I really only read one blog with any regularity: Lenin's Tomb (www.leninology.blogspot.com). So, my decision about what I'll focus on is made on the basis of complete ignorance and utterly arbitrary. In fact, who knows if I'll even still be writing on here one week from now. If I may give you one piece of of advice - only one - in your whole stinking life, it is this: don't bet on it.
So, on that happy and fortuitous note, I look forward to providing commentary on world events (or not), review and cultural critiques - particularly semiotic analyses of the more interesting bits of fucked-up-ness in our overwhelmingly fucked-up culture.
howzat sound to you? Meaty?

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